Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Woven Blanket Scarves

Have you noticed the oversized, plaid scarves that seem to be everywhere lately? I admit that I'm mostly interested in fashion to the extent that I could weave, knit, or crochet something that's currently fashionable.  So of course, I had to enlist my mom's weaving expertise in creating one of these large scarves.
We wanted the scarves to be extra wide and long, but not overly hot to wear--sort of like flannel. We decided that Nature Spun Fingering would be ideal, woven at 16 ends per inch for a nice drape.
Nature Spun Fingering in 115 Bit of Blue, 110 Blueberry, 720 Ash, 730 Natural, 701 Stone, and 303 Sea Spray
These oversized scarves can be wrapped and worn in lots of other fun ways, too.

One of my favorite parts of any project is choosing the color scheme. I wanted the first scarf to be colorful and fun, yet neutral enough to match with anything. This color combo pairs warm neutrals with several cool blue shades.

The fringe is simply delightful.
I can only take credit for picking the colors--my mom did all the weaving on her Schacht Wolf Pup LT.  The finished scarf turned out to be about 17 inches wide and 90 inches long. I wish you could feel it--it's incredibly soft and squishy!

The next scarf has more of an earthy color scheme with an asymmetrical plaid pattern. I highly recommend checking out - it's rather addictive.

Scarf 2 in progress: colors are 720 Ash, 112 Elf Green, 110 Blueberry, 730 Natural, and 136 Chocolate Kisses

Warped and ready to weave!

Can't wait to wear my blanket scarf to the winter TNNA tradeshow in San Diego this week!
Beautiful finished scarf.

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